My name is Victoria Balaban ( Viprada). I am a photographer based in Chisinau, Moldova.

Although my first passion was computer programming, I was ambitious to explore visual media and invent my own alphabet of visual identity. Self-portrait became my starting point. One of these self- portraits  won a prize in the Canon Contest in Saint Petersburg. After this success I decided that photography should be my career. 

I focused on female portraits, and in 2 years I was awarded Grand Prix of the FestImage photo contest in Portugal. The large prize enabled me to open my own photo studio and develop my skills for  fashion photography. While fashion and portraits were my main interests, I've since also indulged in Ballet Photography.

In 2016 I became Photographer of the Year by Instyle Magazine in Moldova. That award bolstered my confidence and led me to broaden my photographic interests. My most recent topic of interest has been color. The search of color is like a meditation, and the interpretation of color in my works allows me  to release all of my accumulated sensations. My affection for color and all admiration for the impressionists have hugely contributed to the appearance of my last photo exhibition "Color Therapy".

For the period of my activity in photography, I've held 3 solo exhibitions:

  • 2009 Chisinau Moldova "Thoughts Aloud"

  • 2013 Vama Veche Romania "Be the Woman a Man Needs"

  • 2018 Chisinau Moldova "Color Therapy"

List of Awards:

  • 2007 – 2 place My Canon Contest, Saint Petersburg

  • 2009 – Grand Prix FestImage Portugal

  • 2016 - Photographer of the Year by InStyle Magazine in Moldova

  • 2017 – finalist Anna Pavlova Ballet Photo Contest